Build a Routine: Maintain Your Active Lifestyle!

For many of us staying active is a primary goal and one that has long term health benefits.  But, how do we stay active? Especially when faced with the challenges of our day-to-day grind or a PANDEMIC?!!!

The first step is acknowledging where you are and where you want to be.  Set a realistic and attainable goal.  Maybe it's running a 5k, marathon, getting back to playing tennis, gardening or simply being able to sit on the ground and get up after playing with the grandkids. Determine when you would like to reach your goal and break it down to specific measurable steps you can track and help you be more successful. 

Take the steps you created and find the time to implement them into your daily routine. Find what works for you and move everyday - no matter what! Make it a priority to move daily even if it's a simple walk around the block.  Schedule your time, consistency is key and being active for 10-15 minutes is better than nothing at all.

Sleep is often overlooked and is crucial to recovery and maintaining your energy throughout the day. Seven to nine hours of sleep should be the goal and sufficient to recharge the batteries.

Variability is important - try something new!  Do a fitness class or activity you have never done, invite a friend or challenge yourself with a new exercise.  The more new and different ways you move the more you will find your mobility, strength and fitness improving and the easier your normal activity will be.

Incorporate the fun and enjoyable activities you like to do.  It doesn't all have to be serious, regimented and controlled. Play some music and dance, hula-hoop with the kids or play badminton with friends in the backyard.

GET OUTSIDE!!! Winter weather or COVID restrictions can likely have you stuck inside for far too long. Walk outside, ride a bike, do Tai Chi or Yoga in the park.  Everyone could use a little Vitamin D.

Celebrate the wins by recognizing the accomplishments and smallest changes along the way like making it to a new fitness class, walking 3 days in a row or using that last bit of energy you haven't used before to do that extra on percent. This will help keep up your momentum and help you reach those goals.

Finally, keep a positive mindset. See the benefits and stay motivated.  Remember why you started and enjoy the journey to your transformation.

Dr. Brian Yodice-Chiropractor Dr. Brian Yodice Dr. Brian Yodice is the owner of Collaborative Chiropractic, a healthcare practice focused on influencing healthy lifestyles. Dr. Yodice, a chiropractor, lifelong athlete and coach brings his extensive knowledge and experience to the care he provides. Educating his patients on the implementation of exercise and lifestyle changes, he guides them through a transformation to performing as better athlete or individual living a healthy active lifestyle.

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