Chiropractic Reset: The Definition of Athlete Expanded

Collaborative Chiropractic: Don't let injury keep you down.

Chiropractor Dr. Brian Yodice, from Collaborative Chiropractic is on a mission to help people expand their purview of athlete to extend beyond someone in professional or collegiate sports. Athletics classes around the globe are full of amateurs and all are qualified athletes even if many still fail to see it that way.  The new classification is important for injury prevention and treatment. Collaborative Chiropractic, now open in White Plains, NY is on a mission to reach as many athletes as possible.

* As of 2018 there were 95,438 licensed chiropractors in the United States

* A recent study by the CDC 23.2% of adults aged 18 and over met the Physical Guidelines for both aerobic and muscle strengthening activity

* Only 7.4% of Americcans currently visit chiropractors according to a study reported by the National Center for Biotechnology

December 3, 2020 White Plains, NY USA

With far less athletes visiting chiropractors for the help they need, Dr. Brian Yodice has set out to inform the public at large of their need as a whole, and serve the people of White Plains, NY where his practice has recently relocated from Long Island, NY

"By redefining the concept of an athlete as an active person and innovating the current healthcare approach; we are dedicated to personal optimization and performance improvement for the fulfillment of an active and healthy lifestyle." Dr. Yodice explains.  Simply stated many of the weekend warriors would benefit greatly from chiropractic treatment to improve their everyday quality of life.

The vision of Collaborative Chiropractic is to change the lives of the patients they serve.  Dr. Brian Yodice is a trusted adviso, leader and positive influence in the advancement of healthcare.  He is helping athletes avoid unnecessary surgeries and the long recovery times that come with them.  Most sports related surgeries that fail are do to improper diagnosis, symptoms generating from compensatory injuries or incomplete rehabilitation.  Before agreeing to a surgery for a sports related injury, people should consider a chiropractor as that can help prevent future pain and suffering.  Many don't consider themselves to be athletes, but in fact they are according to Dr. Brian Yodice.

Anyone in the White Plains, NY area getting regular exercise should consider booking an appointment with Collaborative Chiropractic for a consultation.  Dr. Brian Yodice explains, "We believe every patient deserves the best version of themself." Who doesn't want to be the very best version of themselves? With over 23.2% of adults aged 18 and over meeting the Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity and only 7.4% of the population visiting chiropractors for treatment, it appears many still need to adapt their mentality.  The change can help prevent unnecessary pain, suffering, surgery and recovery times.

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Dr. Brian Yodice-Chiropractor Dr. Brian Yodice Dr. Brian Yodice is the owner of Collaborative Chiropractic, a healthcare practice focused on influencing healthy lifestyles. Dr. Yodice, a chiropractor, lifelong athlete and coach brings his extensive knowledge and experience to the care he provides. Educating his patients on the implementation of exercise and lifestyle changes, he guides them through a transformation to performing as better athlete or individual living a healthy active lifestyle.

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