Winter is rapidly approaching...

As I prepared to head out on my usual weekend ride, I took note of the weather..."30 degrees and feels like 22,"... Wow!!! That was a fast change!

Cold temperatures associated with the change of seasons means we need to take precautions and be prepared for the wet falling leaves, ice and snow of late fall and winter. Slip and falls, car accidents and dreaded snow shoveling increase the risks of back, neck and shoulder injuries. I want to make sure you are prepared for anything.

Prevention is the key to avoiding injury. Knowing the risks and taking the appropriate steps to keep yourself and those you love safe is the most effective way to avoid injury in the cold weather.

Proper foot wear might be an obvious suggestion but, always wear proper shoes. Leather soles and high heels are dangerous, especially if you are trying to navigate an icy driveway, sidewalk or parking lot. Boots with rubber soles will improve traction and you can carry your more fashionable shoes to put on when you reach your destination.

Never walk around outside with your hands in your pockets or try carrying heavy loads. Wearing gloves and keeping your hands free will help improve your balance and potentially break your fall if you should suddenly slip.

While there is nothing you can do about someone running into the back of your vehicle, you can avoid causing an accident by being alert and cautious. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of room to brake in the event of traffic suddenly stopping in front of you, be extra vigilant at intersections, waiting an extra moment or two before you move and paying attention to the traffic around you. Take it slow driving through parking lots and local roads looking for people pulling out of spaces and side streets.

Prepare and use safe shoveling techniques to prevent hurting yourself. Remember, even light fluffy snow can lead to lasting back injury if shoveled improperly. Try to avoid excessive bending and twisting at the waist. Bend with your knees and lift with your legs. Push when you can and lift only small amounts.

What to do if you are injured... make sure you are evaluated by a medical professional and follow the diagnostic and treatment regimen you are prescribed. Injuries may range from simple strain/sprains to more complicated fractures, soft tissue injuries and herniated discs, which can leave long lasting residual problems if not addressed correctly.

At Collaborative Chiropractic, we know how to properly evaluate and treat your injuries to reduce pain, restore function and guide you toward a full recovery. 

Call today for an appointment: 914-600-3222 or send us a message below to discuss your injuries today.

Dr. Brian Yodice-Chiropractor Dr. Brian Yodice Dr. Brian Yodice is the owner of Collaborative Chiropractic, a healthcare practice focused on influencing healthy lifestyles. Dr. Yodice, a chiropractor, lifelong athlete and coach brings his extensive knowledge and experience to the care he provides. Educating his patients on the implementation of exercise and lifestyle changes, he guides them through a transformation to performing as better athlete or individual living a healthy active lifestyle.

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